How to Make an Animated Flag
In this tutorial you’ll discover how to:

  1. Create a simple cloth simulation
  2. Use the right settings for realistic cloth
  3. Create a realistic cloth material

You’ll need:

  1. A flag image
  2. Wrinkles material
  3. Canvas material

Finished Result

Quick Summary

1. Use Import Image as Plane, to import your flag image. In edit more, add one loopcut so you get two square faces.

2. Rotate the Plane so it’s vertical. Subdivide the Cloth 20 times (W>Subdivide>(Toolbar) amount: 20)

3. Add a wind object rotated across the flag:

4. Add a Vertex Group and set the left most edge to Weight: 1

5. Set the cloth to these settings:

6. Set up the cloth material like this:

Cloth Setting Variations:

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